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Month: October, 2007

Modeling TOGAF with SPEM

15 October, 2007 (14:47) | Eclipse Process Framework, SPEM 2.0 | By: Peter

The OMG just released a report about an interdisciplinary case study of OMG and Open Group members to evaluate modeling the TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) ADM (Architecture Development Method) with OMG meta-models, in particular SPEM. It provides some good insights and examples for how SPEM can be utilized as a representation framework for systematically formalizing an informally described method. This report uses SPEM 1.1, but provides pointers to SPEM 2.0. One of the authors of this report actually has started a new project in which he captures parts of these models (and also more importantly the textual content) using EPF Composer, which you can find here.

How-to migrate to RMC 7.2 with just a CCRC client

11 October, 2007 (17:41) | Eclipse Process Framework, Rational Method Composer | By: Peter

RMC 7.2 (and EPF Composer 1.2) introduce some changes to the file format. Therefore, when you try opening your existing method library in 7.2 for the first time RMC will prompt you to migrate the library into this new format. When doing this RMC needs to update all XMI files with new schema information. Hence, if you are managing your library with Rational ClearCase you need to check-out all these files beforehand to make them writable for RMC. Unfortunately, if you use the CCRC (Rational ClearCase Remote Client) integration, this tool does not support to check-out files from multiple directories based on a name pattern. It’s Search dialog only searches for check-out, private, or hijacked files. It’s browser only supports displaying one directory at a time and selecting all these files for check-out. An RMC method library however consists of several directories and all XMI files in all of these directories need to be checked-out. So, what to do?

In the release and install notes to RMC 7.2 we consequently recommend to work with a ClearCase administrator that would use other tools such as the ClearCase cleartool or the Windows shell integration to search for all *.xmi files and perform the check-out. However, if your administrator is busy or nor available here a small procedure for using Eclipse Search and CCRC to get the files checked-out for migration.

  1. Before migrating, start your old version of RMC such as RMC 7.1.1 and open your library.
    (You could also use any other Eclipse shell that you have on your machine that has CCRC installed as well as RMC 7.2. To do this you have to follow the Steps a) to f) described below before moving on to Step 2.)
  2. In the menu select Search -> File…
  3. In “file name patterns” field type: *.xmi and click Search
  4. The Search results view will appear and show the files. If the results are presented with folders use the small triangle button menu in the top right-hand corner of the Search results view to switch to “Show as List”
  5. Select one entry and press CTRL-A to select them all (or use the Shift/CTRL keys to select a range of files)
  6. Right-click and select Team -> Check Out

Once all the files are checked-out you can go and start RMC 7.2 as well as load the library for migration. Then you can use the CCRC client’s Search for checked-out files to check them in all at once.

Loading the library into Eclipse or RMC 7.2 (without migrating it):

  1. Select in the menu Window -> Show View… -> Other and then select General -> Navigator in the dialog
  2. If there is any other folder in the Navigator view other than Estimation such as another library then right-click these folders and select Close Project from the context menu. Finally, do the same with Estimation: right-click, Close Project
  3. Right-click in the Navigator view and select Import… and then in the dialog General -> Existing Projects into Workspace
  4. Click Next and select the Browse button
  5. Select the directory of your pre-migration library in your CCRC view on your hard disk.
  6. Important: Make sure that the “Copy into Workspace” check box is not selected. Click Finish. Continue with Step 2 above.

RMC 7.2 MS Project iFix available

8 October, 2007 (15:37) | Rational Method Composer | By: Peter

Using IBM’s new installer technology with RMC gives us the capability to roll-out bug fixes much, much quicker now to our customers. Our team has just released the first of these so-called iFixes via the IBM Installation Manager to fix a problem RMC 7.2 had with its Microsoft Project export.

If you are still using MS Project with RMC (and not the advanced integration with Rational Portfolio Manager 🙂 ) then get this fix by just starting the Installation Manager and clicking on the “Update Packages” button. It will then guide you through downloading and installing the fix.

SPEM 2.0 finalized

1 October, 2007 (20:14) | SPEM 2.0 | By: Peter

Good news. Last Thursday the OMG’s Architecture Board accepted our Finalization Report for the OMG Software and Systems Process Engineering Meta-Model (SPEM 2.0). In other words the specification work is done and the documents are official! All we still have left to do is to create a pretty looking document without change bars and publish that. In the meantime you can use the documents listed below.

I cannot express how happy I am that after almost three years of work this specification is finally ready. I would like to thank every contributor and supporter for their hard work and support. See the (hopefully) complete list of names in the spec itself. I learned so much during this process, including some quite sad facts of life such as ‘being a good politician is more important than being a good engineer’. 🙂